Who we are

When we started the AMOS project we did not expect to conquer precious markets but we had in mind to create a revolutionary production system and an exclusive distribution agreement which rewards the skills of ambulance manufacturers.

Every single detail is functional, studied to obtain more efficient usage. Everything that is superfluous has been neglected. If you think that these goals are impossible you have not tried an AMOS.
Talk with your ambulance manifacturer and you will be convinced.

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Symbol of this way of conceiving innovation, patient transport and the future, is the logo engraved in the ambitious infinity. Even in the logo, every curve, proportion and thickness have been studied and designed according to strict mathematical calculations and procedures. This is the same care that we have dedicated to the geometries of our principals. In the logo you will find, in a ellipsoid shaped space, the name of your ambulance builder. We have reserved for them the first place as you do with a conductor who must arrange philosophy, quality, dynamics and harmony of your precious ambulance.

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Every detail of the AMOS line of products, starting from the design to the choice of every single component of every model, wants to reach a single goal: creating the lightest line of transportation aids ever. The whole line of AMOS products is incredibly light, with a sensational balance thought for safety and handling and elevates performance to a completely new level.

We are young but we like to think of a serene future, growing old with the same enthusiasm and the same passion for constantly seeking improvement.