ASX 811 Auto-loading ambulance stretcher

ASX 811 anticipates a new styling trend, combining to the sinuous shapes of the self-loading stretcher the technology of the loading system FeatherLoad.
The 190 mm wheels can be appreciated for their capacity to absorb the asperity of concrete roads which is lightly superior then that of smaller wheels and for the agility they give ASX 811.
Moving ASX 811 is just a great feeling. Immediately evident to the eye is the handlebar and the commands block.

Yes, the new ASX 811 is a little pricy, but it knows how to win the hearts of young and not so young rescuers, thanks to its beautiful line, its details and a pleasurable maneuverability much appreciated on a latest generation stretcher.
But above all, the ASX 811 fully reflects the design, tradition and the spirit of a young manufacturing company.


They are power assisted and can be easily managed even from the side.

It’s simple even though assisted. The coating material is made of rubber which ensures an effective grip.


The refined sound generated by the AMOS transport systems is one of the most important characteristics. It took sophisticated solutions to lower frequencies when the noise became more troublesome. Expensive solutions available to all that only AMOS has used.



The main advantages of aluminium, in particular for the 7000 series alloys, consist of maximum lightness, tensile strength and compression. We have found the right formula.



All complementary parts are essential to avoid as much as possible the excessive bulk of the transport elements both inside the ambulance or during rescue in confined spaces. Reducing by 180 mm the overall dimensions of a chair doesn’t seem like much. But we are the only ones and first ones that did it.



The Damper protection protects and dresses the ASX 811 for its whole life. But more so it reduces noise because of its elasticity and durability.

Technical Specifications

  • Efficiency in loading and unloading of the stretcher thanks to the lock system 10 G easyblok
  • The colour coded commands guarantee an easy and intuitive usage
  • Excellent transportability on all ground types thanks to the 190 mm wheels, safety thanks to the rear wheels which are equipped with an integrated brake system
  • Sidebars with rapid release and integrated safety
  • Bumper made in santoprene in order to protect all parts exposed to impact
  • Loading and unloading maneuvers are made easy thanks to the FeatherLoad system
  • Nocturnal visibility due to the reflective labels
  • The ambulance stretcher ASX 811 comes complete with a system of patients belts
  • Conformity with EN1865 and EN1789 standards
Length1970 mm
Width570 mm
Height (to the mattress)900 mm (811L)
1000 (811H)
Loading carriage height590 mm (811L)
690 mm (811H)
Sidebars height195 mm
Sidebars lenght620 mm
Wheelsø200 mm
Weight45 kg
MaterialsAluminum, PE, PVC
Loading Capacity200 kg